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Your Scott Crump Toyota Truck Shootout WINNER:


•Owned by: Ashley Guthrie & Michael Schurer

•Handled by: Michael Ward


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Message from Scott Crump

Jon and Redgy,
I want to thank y’all and CHKC for the amazing Toyota Truck Hunt. I also want to thank each CHKC member that supported it. It was better than anything I could have ever believed. Everyone’s support for this hunt was unbelievable. Your members are the best I've ever dealt with. That hunt is going to be the game changer in coon hunting. I can’t tell you how excited I am and the enthusiasm of my staff and associates not to mention Toyota. I look forward to our youth hunt, as well as our next truck hunt. I plan on being as big as the world in 5 years. I'm planning for it already. I will be talking to yall in a few days to start planning the coming up hunts. I got a big surprise for next year’s hunt. I would love to hear feedback from you, Redgy and your members. What can I do or change to make better other than not raining so much Haaaaaaa I want to give 200% to make these hunts the best of the best! I will take any comments, good or bad. I just want the best for y’all and the fine members of CHKC. Once again, thanks to everyone involved....

As y’all say,
Come Get You Some!

Scott Crump and Associates
Scott Crump Toyota

2019 CHKC World Champion

-The Race is On-

Owned by: Atwell/Williams

Handled by: James Atwell

Winner of: $32, 500

2019 CHKC Reserve World Champion

-Easy to Pack-

Owned by: Nettles/Burch

Handled by: David Blake

Winner of: $5,000

2019 CHKC World Championship 3rd Place

-Oxendine's Big Country-

Owned by: Ashley Oxendine

Handled by: Steve Burkholder

Winner of: $3,000