Coon Hunters Kennel Club, LLC
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Office # 903-564-3745



Michigan United Hunters Club
2501 Maple Road, Perrinton, MI 48871
Hunt Director: Tony Beals: 812-374-6894
President: Dustin Litwiller: 989-942-0076
Club Directions: M-57, 4 mile west of US-27 to Begole Rd. Turn south 3 mile to Maple Rd. 3/4 mile to clubhouse on east side of road.

Tue, Jun 13, 2018 $30/Open 8pm 1hr
Tue, Jul 17, 2018 $30/Open 8pm 1hr
Tue, Aug 7, 2018 $30/Open 8pm 1hr
Tue, Sep 18,2018 $30/Open 8pm 1hr
Tue, Oct 16, 2018 $30/Open 8pm hr

Southern Michigan Coon Hunters Association
5133 Seneca Highway, Clayton, MI 49235
Hunt Director: Jim Gehring Jr: (517)-260-5431
President: Melvin Averill: (517)-260-8783
Club Directions: US-223 to Slee Rd, Slee Rd to Marr Hwy, 1/8 mile to the clubhouse on right.

Wed, Aug 2 2017 $30/$60 Double Header 9pm & 1am 1hr
Thu, Aug 3 2017 $30/$60 Double Header 9pm & 1am 1hr
Thu, Sep 28 2017 $30/Open 8pm 1hr
Thu, Oct 26 2017 $30/Open 8pm 1hr
Thu, Nov 30 2017 $30/Open 7pm 1hr
Thu, Dec 28 2017 $30/Open7pm 1hr

Red Cedar Hounds
1630 Ellsworth Road, Perry, MI 48872
Hunt Director: Gordy Driver: 989-745-8373
President: Mike Parish: 989-717-6685
Club Directions: 2 miles south of I-69 or 9.5miles north of m43/Grand River rd. on m-52 to Ellsworth Rd. then 1 1/2 miles to club on North side of Rd.